Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back from West Piney

The weather was great except for the wind that came up each afternoon. The eating area was decorated wonderfully. Our theme was Princess' of Potential so every camp chose a magic kingdom and ours was the land of Aladdin. Our eating area was decorated like an Arabian tent. We had tassels along the front of the frame there and on each of the tents in our area.
We had lots of fun at West Piney girls camp. The different level girls each had a hike they did on Wednesday, that was a quiet day in camp! The first levels hiked Monument, the second levels hiked Spaulding Falls, and the third levels hiked Table Rock. They all did very well, but we were concerned for the third years because they did not get back until 8:30 pm and they had left at 7:30 am. They ended up having to wait for some hikers and that took all the time.

After the hikes Brother Hays gave each of the girls Snoopy socks. They are an unmatched pair. One sock has stripes and the other sock has dots. The girls really liked them and wore them the rest of the night and on the following day. They looked quite cute with the flip flops.

On Wednesday while the girls were on their hikes, three huge helicopters flew over camp. When we stopped for Square ice cream cones, after camp, there the helicopters were. ES says they say "Marines" on the side of them. Wonder what they were doing in our little part of Idaho?

Well, girls camp was fun, although I did get tired of squealing girls. But I am glad to be back, hopefully into my same routine. Although the routine will change again in two weeks as the boys will be back in school.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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