Monday, August 6, 2007

Bird entertainment for spinning

Yesterday morning while spinning, I watched three of these little birds feeding off the plant in the flower box. You can see two of them in the sunlight under the tire and to the right. They were feeding on this plant for about 15 minutes while I took pictures and they didn't get scared away when I went to get the camera and moved around in the living room. They were really fascinating to watch. It was amazing how they could jump around and not lose their balance while eating away at the seeds.
I also have pictures of the viscose which I bought at the only SOAR I attended in 1996. It was really compacted so I pre-drafted all of it and am spinning it on the Lendrum from the fold, such as how you can spin silk. The colors are pretty dark and the predominate color when spun is the blue. I'm thinking this would make a really pretty scarf. I won't know for sure though, until I get it all spun and count how many yards I get.
This is all I bought at Mustard Seed Dreams, after spinners on July 28th. I have a pair of socks on the needles right now, but I'm thinking I might try the Sockotta as soon as I get this pair done. The Fixation is for another pair of socks. Becky's pair that she did in Fixation turned out really, really nice, so I am excited to try this.

Just to let you know, I will be at Girl's Camp until Friday afternoon. I probably won't post again until then or Saturday evening after work. Until then--Happy knitting & spinning!

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