Sunday, August 19, 2007

Warning! Picture heavy post!

It has been a long week this past week. The boys are getting ready to start school tomorrow. Hip, hip, hooray! They went shopping for clothes with money their dad sent, on Wednesday. I then took "C" on Thursday evening to get some more of his clothes which he didn't want to get with "R".

On Wednesday I finally finished spinning three bobbins of the "sea foam" roving. Friday night and Saturday morning I plied the bobbins to get this beautiful three ply.

I think it really looks much better in person. I haven't counted the yards yet, but I think there are around 200. I think this would make a wonderful scarf or something else. Any suggestions?

Yesterday was spent at the fiber guilds dye workshop. We had lots of fun with black walnuts and indigo.

We started with two piles of fiber like this. One pile went into the indigo and the other into the black walnut.

It was a lot of fun watching the indigo change from green to blue as it hit the air! The black walnut turned out such lovely shades. The roving that Heather and Lyn put in were a camelid color at first. Lyn put her roving back in the dye pot to get a darker color which she likes much better.

We had rain this year. It is the first time in all the years of doing the dye workshop that it has rained. Granted, it didn't rain very much, but the drops were h-u-g-e. We did run to put spinning wheels in cars or the house before they got wet. It kind of put a damper on the spinning for the rest of the afternoon.

On the umbrella stand is only a portion of what was dyed. The skeins and roving all look pretty hanging there drying.
Heather has two very different indigo dyed rovings. The one on the left is from the first dye pot and was put in with two other rovings in a mesh bag. The right side is from the second pot with the roving just put in the pot, not in the mesh bag. The one on the left will be a pretty variegated yarn, I think.

Finally, just for you Lyn. Here's a picture of one of the oil lamps I made for girls camp. It fits in just the palm of my hand. And no, I haven't tried lighting it!
Well, happy knitting & spinning!

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Anonymous said...

Cool lamp. Thanks for the photo. It is different than what I had in my mind. I like the ribbons. I wonder if it works. -- Lyn