Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yesterday morning I wanted to do some dying. I couldn't find my dyes!!! How frustrating, to know I have some dyes somewhere and not be able to find them! After about two hours of looking and wondering, I decided to use kool-aid. I used three packets of tropical punch on about 8 oz. of wool.

Neither one of the pictures accurately depict the color that turned out. The bottom of the pan was more saturated so is a darker color and the top is variegated. I think I will like it once it is spun, but we will see.

I did find my dyes last night when I was looking for something else! Now I can do some other experiments. I am going to need some plain white wool before very long.

On the shawl front, I frogged it and reknit it. Once I got to the third skein, I decided it needed to be done on larger needles. I am now, since this picture was taken, back to the third skein and I like how the shawl is turning out much better. The larger needles make the pattern more lacy which make it prettier, in my opinion. I can almost see the end in sight, again.

Yesterday afternoon, I took "R" and "C" and one of "R's" friends to the lake. They had quite a lot of fun skipping rocks and goofing off. The water was pretty cold, so they didn't get in all the way. I only waded in to just over my knees and said that was enough. I figured "R" had permission from his PO to go to the lake, so we had better go. We only spent two hours there, but I came back with sun burnt knees and the boys both have red backs. No, I was the idiot and forgot the sunscreen!

There are the boys on the island. Checking out the water and finding rocks to skip. It was a fun outing and something that we needed to do together. Jim and "A2" didn't join us as they went somewhere else and then home for ES to rest. ES has pneumonia, since Tuesday, and tires easily.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pink - or is it raspberry? Can't wait to see what else you dream up!!--Lyn