Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mitts for Christmas are done

The last pair to be gifted have just been washed and set to dry. That makes eleven pair as Christmas gifts. I have a few more pair I would like to make to give away, but I am not stressing them for about a month. I figure as long as I get them to them before winter is over I'm doing okay.

The boys were watching the college bowl games with me, as I finished the last pair of mitts. They didn't last too long! They have both been asleep for about an hour and a half.

The Christmas tree is lit. The presents are all purchased and wrapped. ES is doing the Christmas dinner shopping for us. So things are just about ready here. This will be our last Christmas in this house and I will enjoy the season here as I have the past few years. We will have six of the children here and phone calls from the other two.

R and C are already complaining about having to wait until A-b gets here to open gifts. They will get to open the stuff from their dad and step-mom without waiting for A-b, so that will have to last them until about 2 pm Christmas day. Oh the joys of having a blended family!

I am ready to move on in my knitting. Some UFOs need to be finished and it's only two weeks until the next sock class. I also want to make a couple of baby sweaters for friends with new babies. Oh, so many projects in mind. Well, off to see if I can get more done tonight.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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