Monday, December 10, 2007

Trying to De-Stress (or Tired of Drama)

It has been such a "zoo" around the house this past weekend. It has also been very stress-filled. I even had to "make" time to sit down at the spinning wheel and take some time to spin. I needed the calming effect that the wheel and spinning give me. Sometimes I get really tired of the drama that is going on around our house right now with moving and a wedding. ES has told a number of people that he couldn't have picked a better time to leave. A wedding the end of December, maybe. M coming home in April. J-b coming home in May. R graduating in May and A-b's 12th birthday in May also. There's no stress here! Ya right!!

Okay, enough of the rant. Onto some knitting stuff. This is the latest pair of fingerless mitts. The yarn in this pair is some I spun about four years ago for a vest for C. He wanted something pink. He has even worn the vest a number of times. Which is good even if he does get teased when wearing it, because it is pink.

This is the eighth pair of fingerless mitts in the past two months. I might get them all done by Christmas. What do you think? Can I do it?

Happy knitting & spinning!

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Anonymous said...

Love seeing the Linda Wolfe prints! I have a couple myself, but have not attended her sale in a couple of years. I made myself some fingerless mitts many years ago and they have served me well - I especially like them for hanging clothes out on the line in the cold weather.