Thursday, December 27, 2007

One boy loves his hat

Just a quick post to let you know I knit another pair of fingerless mitts for ES's step-mom, who will be here today while I am at work. I didn't think to get a picture until after I had wrapped them. Maybe ES will get a picture of her modeling them when she opens them.

I stopped at one of my Nursery kids house last night. His older sister says he loves his hat. His mom said that he put it on at lunch on Christmas and left it on the rest of the day. It is also the first thing he grabs when he knows its time to go outside. Boy if that doesn't make my day! I could make more with that kind of response.

I was reading Norma's post this morning and it has made me want to get more in shape. I have decided that this year I will find a bit of time to take a daily walk. At least that much to start with. If I write it here I might be more willing to do my walk.

Last night I bound off the body of the Mr Greenjeans sweater. Now onto the sleeves, but that may not be until next week. Tonight is a dinner for ES from his co-workers at the site, telling him good-bye. Tomorrow is dinner here for a group of friends which we have been meaning to do for four years. And Saturday night is a come and say good-bye for our neighborhood, church, and family friends. ES leaves one week from today!

Happy knitting & spinning.

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