Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saturday's Sock Class

Saturday's sock class was the knitting of a Christmas stocking. The amount that is shown knitted here is from the class. It is a fairly fast knit and was really easy. I used the needle size recommended and ended up n-o-t getting gauge. What else is new? I should have gone down about two needle sizes, but thought I would try it anyway and see what I ended up with. It is about 10 inches across right now. The example is 8 inches across. I think I may stick it in the washing machine just to "full" it a little bit.

It was really quite hard to knit with the size 13 needles. My hands don't like to hold onto that big of a needle for very long. The two hours of the class was about all my hands could do for yesterday. I am more comfortable with a size 8 or smaller.

These are the fingerless mitts from the Galway. I did get two pairs out of 210 yards. The tails that are on the mitts, before weaving in the ends, is all of the yarn that is left from the skein. All together there is probably 18 inches left. The pair on the bottom is about an inch shorter than the one on the top and the thumb is about three rows shorter. I think they will still accomplish the intended purpose though.

Yesterday ES and I attended an art show of one of our friends. I will get pictures taken today or tomorrow and show you what we purchased. After the art show, we went to dinner at the Red Lobster in Pocatello. It is the first time we have been there in about a year and a half. It was fun to spend some time with ES, before he leaves for his new job in a month, that was not all about the move or getting ready for the move.


Catherine said...

I am impressed at how little yarn was left from the mitts. Did you use the if-I-knit-faster-I-won't-run-out-of-yarn technique? Or just hold your breath? Looking forward to the photos of your art purchases - but remember - you eventually have to move everything!

Laura said...

Thanks Catherine. The good part about pictures are they aren't very bulky and will fit in boxes nicely. As to the amount of yarn, I held my breath!