Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunrise from the Sun-room

One of the things I will miss about my house is the views I have of the sunrises. This is yesterday's sunrise. Isn't it pretty?

The boys and I are busy packing, getting ready to leave tomorrow night for SLC. We will then fly out to DC Thursday morning, early. I am excited and I think the boys are too. ES has set us up to look at some houses, go to lunch with co-workers and do some sight-seeing. We'll see what else we can squeeze in there in the few days we'll be back there. It would be nice to visit one of the local yarn stores though. We will also have the opportunity to meet a couple J-b got to know on his mission, that will be fun.

I haven't done any knitting in the last two days. I have been spinning fiber to put with my silk for the challenge though. And it is almost done. I would kind of like to have it all spun before we leave tomorrow, but I don't think that will happen. Tomorrow is a busy day.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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