Saturday, March 8, 2008

Busy Saturday

Yesterday morning there was a heavy frost on the trees and windows again. I can never get the pictures like these, but I can sure enjoy the beauty for myself.

The frost on the branches was very interesting. The boys thought I was crazy taking pictures and wandering around. They don't think I'm anything but crazy, so I guess it doesn't matter. As you can tell, there is still an awful lot of snow around here. This afternoon, I went to loosen up some of the ice on the sidewalks and the water was just running down the street under the ice. I was able to get some of the ice off but, there is still a lot there.

I have finished all the knitting on Mr Greenjeans. See him there relaxing in the sun? I still have to weave in all the ends, block the sweater, and sew on the button. But, I could be wearing this sweater tomorrow. What do you think?

I spent the morning packing boxes and finishing Mr Greenjeans. I then went to lunch with the birthday group and when I got home there was a phone call saying that my uncle and aunt were coming up tomorrow to get the piano. It's their piano, I've just been borrowing it and now it is going to another home. Consequently, I packed the piano books and pictures that were on the piano. Maybe that is one way to get me to go through things and pack! I will miss having a piano in the home, even if I don't play it all that often. It is nice to have the piano just in case I want to play. Besides, I'm sure ES is glad to not be moving it now.

I was able to do some spinning on the silk project today. I have two ideas on how I want to finish this yarn, so I might have to do some experimenting and see which I like better. We only have six weeks to get this project finished. That's not very long when you consider how fast this past week has gone by. And we, the boys and I, are going to be gone for ten days the end of the month and I probably won't take this project with me.

Happy knitting & spinning. Don't forget to "spring" forward tonight!

Sorry the link doesn't work. I need to learn how to do this!!

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LDSVenus said...

That weather sure messed up alot of stuff!! We had a really nice winter up to this point ;P. They canceled the spinning meeting, so I guess I'll have to go next month. Great looking sweater. I'm starting the aran blanket for my grandson who is due in June. I'll put up a picture of what I have in a couple of days when it's big enough to see the design. :)