Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Plant purchased and home grown

First up today, I have to show you the Flowers ES brought me on Friday night. Yes, it is flowers with a capital F. I love to get flowers from him and he always makes me feel special when he gives them to me. And the Flowers smell s-o-o-o pretty. As I walk by daily, I have to take a sniff. It's required, you know.

Next. Remember this baby sweater? I took it to it's intended recipient this evening and "Momma" really liked it. The baby won't be able to wear it for a few months, maybe even a year, but that didn't matter. "Momma" really liked it.

I have been working on Mr Greenjeans. I have both sleeves done and am ready to start the button band. It shouldn't be too much longer until the sweater is done and keeping the chill off. I think I will really like this sweater, but will have to wait until it's done to know for sure.

Last of all, I have to show you the new blossoms on the Christmas cactus. This is the first blossom I have seen that is standing upright. They usually are hanging bloom down. I have really enjoyed all the blooming plants in my house this winter. It has made each room the plants are in much more cheerful and warm.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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