Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Finished Shawl

I was going to give you a modeled shot of the shawl I just completed, but my friend for whom it is for couldn't meet today. And the next available day to meet won't be for about two weeks. I wanted to show it off, but this picture will have to do. I used almost two skeins of Opal #2020. I think it will look nice on her and I can't wait till I can give it to her. There is enough of the yarn left that I can make a child's size pair of socks.

Here is the moving storage room today. It doesn't look much different than last week. But there are definitely more boxes in there. "C" and I went to the mobile home and got packed boxes from there. We came home with about seven boxes. I also packed five or so boxes from the computer/craft room today. That room, at least, is looking like I am getting something done.

I am sure "E" and "Au" will be glad to have them, the boxes, out of their 'place' now. Besides the room the boxes were in is the baby's room and they want to get it painted before the baby comes.

I have been busy working away on my SoS socks. I have two pair on the needles and one pair is about done. I am three inches up the cuff, from toe up, and would like to put another inch or so on each sock. The Ravelry group is really busy with posts of people already finishing many pairs of socks. I can knit fast, but not that fast. Besides, I'm still packing and planning "R" heritage trip which we are starting tomorrow after I get off work.

"R's" heritage trip is a memory lane trip for me. I take the newly graduated child and take him up where I used to spend my summers in Mission Valley Montana and Kalispell, Montana. We might even get into Glacier National Park this time. "J-b" didn't want to go to Glacier when we went three years ago. Just letting you know, I might not post until we get back sometime on Monday.

Happy knitting & spinning

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LDSVenus said...

The shawl is so beautiful. I love the colors in the yarn!! Moving is absolutely NO FUN!! I prefer unpacking to packing because it can be done a bit slower and you can pounder over where you want things :P. I hope you had a great time and that you've gotten back safely. :)