Thursday, June 5, 2008


I thought I would show you some of my works-in-progress. Top left is the granny square afghan I would like to complete before the baby is born. Top right is the sock I started at the March sock of the month class, I don't know if I will e-v-e-r get them done. Bottom left is another baby sweater. And bottom right is a shawl I started for a lady whose son is also on drug court with "R".

I thought I had just about all the unfinished projects, but no, I was wrong. There is still the baby socks I am working on, using up scrap yarn (they are actually my car knitting). There's the felted clogs from the January sock of the month class, men's size socks with one completed and the other ready to pick up stitches at the heel and I think that is about all. I bought buttons today to finish up another small person sweater and should have it completed for photos soon.

I received my Ravelry invite yesterday. That site is sure something to behold. There is way too much to look at and drool over. I could spend all my computer time there, I think.

ES is busy looking for housing for us. He would like to be closer to DC than he is now, but prices just go up and up the closer you get. He found us a two bedroom apartment, with a den, that could work for us for a while. Who knows what will happen, but the uncertainty is starting to get to both of us. Uncertain about who will rent our house here or even if it will be rented. Maybe we should just sell it. I wish I had all the answers now! But I know I don't.

Hard to believe tomorrow is Friday already. The weeks are going faster and faster. There doesn't seem to be enough time and motivation to get everything done that needs to be done. The boys are instructed that tomorrow, while I am at work, they will be pulling the weeds in the front flower beds. Today's chores were done when I got home, but I'm not so sure the weeds will get pulled.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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