Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Orchid Update

To start off with, there is a orchid update.

This week there is not much change in the orchid from last week. The buds are a little bit bigger and lightening up just a little and if you squint really hard to can see a little bit of white in the center of the bud. I know, probably not very interesting to you. But I've never had a orchid before these and I am really excited to get to see them bloom in my very own home.

I have been doing some knitting. These are my projects from the WWKIP day. They are another pair of the Pieces of Eight by Susan Lawrence. They worked up really quickly and I had them done by Sunday night.

I have also been packing more boxes. Are you tired of hearing that yet? One day I will show you the progress of the boxes moving across the "staging area" bedroom. It's amazing to me to see how much "crap" we have! Now I need to go pack some more. We have a house in Virginia so now I know how much I can take with me and what I will have to get rid of.

Happy knitting & spinning.


LDSVenus said...

I know what you mean about something new blooming in your home. I got an avacado seed to start and planted it. It is growing and amazing to watch. :) I hate moving, I'd almost rather take a beating than to have to pack and move ;P.

Anita said...

What is your new house? Where is it? Are you going to have to get rid of alot?