Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Orchid Watch

This is the living-room orchid watch. The buds are coming along really well. As long as I don't leave the windows open for very long when it is chilly outside, like it is this morning. I am hoping that this one will bloom before we move from this house the end of July. The orchid in the bathroom had two good blooms on it. You saw the one bloom a couple of weeks ago. Although I keep watching for the second bloom to open, it never has yet.

At the Idaho Falls Fiber Fair last month, I picked up some of this "Dark Lagoon" from Judy at Wasatch Watercolours. I like how it is spinning up. I am thinking of making this a two ply and using it to make the Luna Moth Shawl from elann. I guess I should put this on the Ravelry page in the que, but I have to learn to do that still.

Today looks like it will be a dark and dreary day. It will be a good day to be at work and maybe do some spinning tonight while "C" is at scouts and "R" is busy.

Happy knitting & spinning

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LDSVenus said...

The color on the singles is very pretty. It will be interesting to see what the plyed yarn will look like :).