Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Mommy, I Did It...."

On Tuesday night "C" came and asked if he could use some of the left over flannel from Christmas pajamas. I said he could and asked what he was doing. He said he wanted to sew. He made a pillow case for his baby pillow! The only part I helped him with was doing some pinning for the edges. He did the rest on his own.

On Wednesday we had to go buy some more material, in a pattern he wanted, so that he could make a pillow case for his contour pillow. That case is almost done. He wants to put buttons on it and he will need some help with that. And he's had a friend over for the past couple of days, but tonight about 9 pm he'll be asking for help again, I'm sure.

This afternoon, after doing some errands with "C", I picked up "R's" graduation pictures. They are more money than I have ever spent on any one person's pictures, but they turned out really well. I should have waited and had Hart's take pictures during the year. His hair wouldn't have just been long, but it would have had "dread-locks" and then would have been cut much shorter.

The first picture on the top left has "R" on his long-board as if he has just done a jump or something. This picture earned the photographer a ribbon at the Fair this past September. "R's" one claim to fame! He had a couple of students at school say that they had seen the picture at the fair. We never did make it down to see in person, but the photography studio has had it hanging in their hall for a while.

I have been steadily working on all the knitting projects. They are all progressing at a steady pace. The second sock of a generic pair is almost completed. Maybe another two evenings and it will be done. I am about half-way through the first skein of yarn for Emma's shawl. I work on it for at least two rows per night also. The baby sweater is still waiting for some sleeves. I have them started, there just isn't the "mojo" as Margene would say about her socks. The granny square blanket has progressed by a couple or three rows. This one is harder to work on, as my Carpal Tunnel is effected by crocheting more than it is by knitting.

Happy knitting & spinning.


Anita said...

I obviously haven't seen "R" for a while. He's CHANGED! He looks so much more like "J" and "E" than I remember. It was a little freaky to see how much more like them he looks. Wow. The pillow that "C" did is great!

LDSVenus said...

I think R's pictures turned out very awesome. They did a great job! C's pillow case is fantastic!! There is a guy in my church that is a designer, he is teaching it now, his stuff is awesome and he loves it. Maybe C will think about designing :).