Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Toys

I got a new toy for Christmas and I have been having some fun the past two days playing with it. I got a lot, 70 and some odd, songs downloaded before my free trial ran out. Even with that number of songs, I still have plenty of room left to put other things on. I need to learn how to download podcasts, I guess. It has been nice to have my own music that is right where I am while I am doing chores, spinning, and hanging out on the "net".
Speaking of spinning, I thought I would show you my latest spinning project. It is one of Judy's Novelty Wool, Merino in the "Dew on the Moab Desert" color. I picked this up at the Idaho Falls Fiber Fair in 2006 and it has just been marinating in my fiber tote. I decided this is the current Lendrum project. I have16 ozs. and you know how I can't spin anything but fine. I will have quite a bit of this as yarn.
Catherine, this one is for you. Remember the start I got from your plant in the front entry? Well, it has a blossom on it!!

Thanks for the plant!

Happy knitting & spinning.

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Catherine said...

Glad to see that your plant is growing and in fact blooming! Went to look at mine but it is a bit pot bound I think - of course now is not the best of times for a split or transplant.

Love your phrase "marinating in the fiber tote".