Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Finished Items

Look! The completed pair of Angel's Rest socks.
Started: The first Saturday in November 2007
Finished: 27 January 2008
This pair took longer than the last pair I knit. I think it was because Christmas was right in the middle of the classes and we didn't do a regular pair of socks for December. I didn't need the needles, therefore the socks didn't need to be completed. I have to have the needles for the new class this Saturday, that's why they are finished now.

While waiting for R to get out of surgery this morning, I finished the first of the clogs from January's sock class. I still need to sew the bottom of the soles together, but it is close. My hands are having a hard time getting used to smaller needles now, after knitting this one clog. Socks may be a problem on Saturday. I also started a new project while waiting for R. Three hours is a long time to get some knitting done. And that's how long I waited for him.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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