Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sheep in Green

I saw these today, as I was walking into work and I couldn't pass them by! I grabbed a pair and left them with my stuff until I could check out tonight. What could be better than sheep pajama bottoms? And seeing as how green is one of my favorite colors, I really couldn't pass them up. I couldn't wait to put them on when I got home from work.

There is not much else happening here. Knitting is continuing on the Angel's Rest socks from the November sock class. The heels are turned and I'm onto the foot. I thought I would give this pair away, but the more I work on them the more I want to keep them for myself. Besides, my feet are almost always cold for the first few hours at work and the wool socks I have right now are more boot socks or bed socks than shoe socks. And on top of that, I really like the colors!

Happy knitting & spinning.

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