Sunday, January 20, 2008

Productive Weekend

It has been a great weekend. The fiber guild met on Saturday. We had our usual pot-luck which was really good, but made for not wanting to make dinner for the kids later that night. We were all able to meet Judy, who was able to try the Lendrum. She says it spins really smooth and her mind is made up. She didn't even spin on the wheel for very long, but she was able to spin her angora very nicely.

Here is a picture of Lyn and Judy picking out dirt and gunk from the angora that Judy brought with her to the meeting. Judy raises Angora rabbits and I think she said she has seven of them. The fiber is really nice and some guild members were jumping at the chance to get some. I think it would be really pretty in a blend of some kind, but I refrained from buying as I really don't want to move anymore stuff than I have to.

Here is a bobbin and a third plied of the "Dew on the Moab Desert" and then the skein from this bobbin.

I ended up with 211 yards in this one skein. I came home last night and while watching "Bourne Ultimatum" (love Matt Damon in these movies) I was able to spin another complete bobbin of this roving. This means I have spun about 6 ozs of the 16 ozs purchased. I am excited to finish spinning this and start a project with this color-way. I really like it!

I have also spun three bobbins of the Knowlton's dark brown roving for my Notlwonk's sweater. I can ply them altogether in a 3-ply, not Navajo plied, and use them as the base color of the sweater. This project may still take a few months.

Well, off to make meatloaf.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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Catherine said...

Love your comment about the airport beacon, Laura! I did not even see Judy try the Lendrum. Is it supposed to be extra good for short fibers like angora? I did not buy any fiber - as I am not working I guess I need to use what I have - which is more than enough. Yikes, I just remembered the pound of bamboo I got at last years fiber fair. And I keep teasing Marie about the pound of soy silk! (also all white). After the guild meeting there was a surprise dinner for Bonnie for her birthday which I went to - talk about eating too much! Now to check out those blogs you mentioned. And yes, I like Matt Damon's Bourne movies as well. Keep posting as I love to read your posts.