Friday, April 25, 2008

Flower at the Botanical Gardens

There isn't much going on around here, knitting wise, that I can share with you all. I am still working on my silk challenge and it is coming along really well. I have enough stitches on the needle that it takes me about twenty minutes to knit a row now. I guess I could start another project, but then who knows when I would get the silk done. I am spending as much time as I can get away with knitting. And enjoying having the house to myself. The have boys both taken off for the next couple of hours.

Because I don't have knitting to show you, I will show you another picture of one of the flowers at the Botanical Gardens in DC. I just love the color and how it looks so fuzzy. What would it be like to have your own personal greenhouse?

Well, off to knit some more and maybe get a box or two packed.

Enjoy your weekend! Happy knitting & spinning.

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