Monday, April 21, 2008

Spun Fiber

I have all the Sheep Shed Studio yarn spun and I think I found the pattern I want to use to knit it up. I went to Barnes & Noble after work and found about four new knitting magazines. I have been going through them and looking at the patterns. I have found a number of patterns that I would like to make. Now it is just finding the time to do them! I have 435 yards with one skein still needing to be counted and figured.

This is the new spinning project which I started on Saturday. The fiber in the "Confetti" from Copper Moose. It is spinning up very nicely with a nice mix of color. This fiber is being spun on the Hitchiker while I am on the computer reading all the blogs. That's where I get the majority of my spinning done anymore.

Yesterday was a very quiet day and I got a lot of knitting done on my silk project. It is working up very nicely. I only have three project on the needles right now. The second sock in a pair, a hat for ES's niece, and my silk project. That's not too bad, I think. I still have yesterday's race to watch so I might get quite a bit more done on the challenge. I am liking it so much that the other projects aren't progressing very fast, even though they are simple knits.

I think I need to start a list of projects I would like to do. I'm not on Ravelry so I don't have that option, but notebooks work just as well. My list could take up the whole notebook. Too many ideas, not enough time.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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