Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Fiber Batt Almost Done.

I have been spending some time spinning. I have spun five and a half bobbins of this fiber from the Sheep Shed Studio. I have plied two bobbins and I like how it is turning out. I only have about half a bobbin left to spin and then I will show pictures of the plied skein.

Tomorrow is Au's birthday. I have to work late, so I did the birthday shopping today and will take the card and present over to their house on my lunch hour tomorrow. It is really different to buy a birthday gift for a daughter-in-law. I don't know her tastes too well and I think I remember what it was like at her age, but then again I'm not sure. I hope she will like what we got her. It has been quite fun to add her to our family and I have enjoyed getting to know her, even if I may get her tastes wrong. E and Au invited me to dinner on Sunday night. That was fun. Au made a really good chicken dish with rice and peas. It was really nice to not have to go home and cook. And the boys didn't want to go over, so it was just three of us.

I have a couple of quick knitting projects. ES's niece, Michelle, asked if I would make her a hat. I told her that if she would get me the yarn I would make one for her. She went right down and bought yarn before I could leave ES's dad and step-mom's place. She bought two skeins of Lion Brand Chenille which is working up very quickly and has pretty good yardage. She will be here on Sunday, and I think I will actually have three hats for her. Because of other commitments, we'll see how fast I knit in the next day and a half.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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