Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last night I sewed on the buttons of this sweater I made, nearly a year ago, for this little guy:
Spencer and Grandma Laurel. The sweater has been knit and waiting for Spencer's dad and mom to let me know where they were living or come to our house. Well today was the day that Spencer got his sweater. The good part: it will still fit him! Dad and Mom made it to our house to participate in a b-i-g family dinner. It was quite a fun afternoon, but I'm glad that stress is over.

After people left this afternoon, I went into the backyard to see how the tulip and daffodils were coming along. I was surprised to see that I have some volunteer onions coming up from last years planting. Granted the garden, what there is of it, is next to the cement of the foundation of the garage so gets quite warm. There are weeds and grass growing in my garden spot as well, but for the next day or two they will be ignored. In the front yard I still have some snow. It is still where there is not much in the way of sunlight and it melts a little each day as it gets warmer, or if I rake/shovel the snow out into the sunlight.

I gave four of my house plants away this evening. I sent them home to live with A-g and her husband, G. G likes plants and will take care of them very well, as long as A-g doesn't touch them, so he says. I know ES will be glad to know I don't have to move quite so many plants.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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Catherine said...

Laura, I would be honored to receive any other plant you don't want to take with you. While I do not seem to have the green thumb that you do, I have managed to keep alive the prayer plant that my mother gave me 6 years ago, and the spider plant that my now departed friend from church in MA gave to me when she moved to a smaller house 5 years ago. see you next Sat! Catherine