Thursday, April 3, 2008

M is Home from Bolivia

M came home from Bolivia yesterday. It is good to have her home, if even for just a little while. We had quite a few people over to welcome her home and have pizza and hear the stories she has to tell. It was fun. She brought lots of things home from Bolivia. I will get pictures of the Nativity she bought for her dad and post them, soon.

This is the shawl I made for M at Christmas time. I was afraid she wouldn't get it, so I didn't mail it. I blocked it on Monday night and I think it turned out pretty good. I think she liked it, but we'll see how often she uses it. She bought two ponchos in Bolivia which she says she wears frequently, so it might not be too hard to switch to a shawl.

I have been working on socks. I know I have completed three pairs since the first of the year, more than I have ever done in any one year since getting back into knitting many years ago. I have a number of pairs I would like to get done, they are on the list. It's just a matter of completing some other projects so I don't feel guilty working on the socks.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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LDSVenus said...

The shawl is beautiful, you should be very pleased with the way it turned out :).