Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snake River Fiber Fair - Pre-Fair

Yesterday morning I received this e-mail:

I have received your fiber fair registration and have you signed up for the Beginning Spindling and Spin to Knit.
See you at the Fair!

I am looking forward to attending this year, as it will probably be the last one I attend for a few years. I am so looking forward to taking the class taught by Shannon Okey. I also am looking forward to taking the class taught by Elizabeth Dailey. I enjoy spinning with their spindles and am looking forward to learning more about spindle spinning. In spinning related news, I finished the indigo dyed fiber that I started last week. It looks much better after the carding, not at all felted. C has already put dibs in on getting something made from it, but there isn't very much there. There is only about half a bobbin of singles.

I also haven't finished knitting anything yet this week either. I am almost done with sewing the edges together for the baby sweater. I really could have this done today, if I would get myself in gear.

Let me leave you with a picture of the Christmas cactus' which are still blooming. I have liked having their pretty blooms for the past six months.

Happy knitting & spinning.


Shannon said...

Yay! It's going to be a fun show, I just know it!

L's thoughts said...

Thanks, Shannon. I am so looking forward to your class.