Thursday, February 14, 2008

C's Choir Concert

Today has been a busy day. There was an appointment for C this morning, work, R's required appointment, my class, and C's choir concert. His choir has quite a few people and sometimes he gets lost in the crowd. Most of the time when I attend his concerts the conductor is right in front of him. This time there were not as many people in attendance and I was able to move around until I could get him in the frame unobstructed. C likes choir and he sings well.

I did get some knitting done while at C's appointment. I was working on the button-up socks. The left one is almost to the heel shaping. It is a little bit different in the construction. The right sock is still waiting for the final picot and to join to work in the round. The lady the appointment was with commented on my knitting and C said, "She keeps working on them. She doesn't mess up and she can keep up with our conversation." I thought that was a kind of cool compliment from a child who probably didn't know he was paying me a compliment.

I also have five full bobbins of the Knowlton's roving spun. I'm almost ready to start plying again. I just need one more full bobbin. It is working really well to have the Hitchiker underneath the computer desk. I am getting quite a bit spun. Too bad the Lendrum won't fit there.

ES will be home late, late tomorrow, early Friday morning. I have to pick him up at 2 am. Yah! I may not be worth anything at work on Friday, but I am s-o-o-o excited to have him home for a few days.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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