Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Moving the Kids and other stuff

Sorry, no pictures today.

We have been busy moving stuff to the mobile home for the kids. Hopefully, they will be in their own place by this time next week. I love having them here, but they need the time to become a couple and establish their own routines and stuff.

While I was at the mobile home tonight, I used the snowblower when R was done with it. There is about 8" of snow in the driveway there and we were trying to get some of it out of there. We had a little more snow today. Not very much accumulated, but there was enough to make the roads slick again. I will have to take another picture of the shed with all the snow upon it's roof, because you can tell there is more snow. I love the snow, but I am almost tired of it. I love to watch it fall, I don't even mind driving in it, but I don't like that this city does not plow the roads! It's a good thing I have an all-wheel drive vehicle.

I have knit more on the button socks. I now have the right sock to almost the point that the left sock is at, or vice a versa. I am liking these socks more and more as I knit on them. We'll see though when I get to the heel.

I did get another full bobbin of the Notlwonk dark brown roving spun last night, while I couldn't sleep. I'm getting tired of not sleeping, but I am getting quite a bit of spinning done. I also have almost two more bobbins of the "moab desert" color spun. With just about 15 more minutes of spinning, I should have it full and then I can ply them. I am anxious to see what my yardage will be with this yarn. I think I have special plans for it.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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