Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spinning Accomplished

This has been a busy day and I have gotten quite a bit done. First of all, I finished spinning the third bobbin of the Moab Desert roving. I then Navajo plied all three bobbins into this skein. I don't know how much is there yet, as it is still on the niddy noddy. This is the second skein of this color and there is still one more skein to be made. First I have to spin the rest of the roving though. Maybe that will be a project for tomorrow, after church.

Second, I plied this bobbin of the Notlwonk brown roving I have been spinning. I have three more full bobbins to ply and then about three more ounces to spin and ply. This roving is almost finished. I feels good to get some of the stash spun up and ready to be knit. Now I just have to find the pattern I want to use for this yarn.

I also worked on the challenge fiber. I did some dying, but I am not posting any pictures of this project until the challenge is over in May. The fiber is now hanging up, drying out, so I can start spinning it.

In sock news, I have the button cuff socks done. But, I cannot find the buttons I want for the cuff! I looked at three different stores and no luck in any of them. I may have to wait until I can make a trip to another fabric or specialty shop. I think they will fit pretty well. One sock is a little longer than the other, but I don't think anyone will notice except for me.

I started working on one of the sleeves for the Greenjeans sweater. I don't know why I haven't worked on it sooner, it seems to be going fairly quickly. I could have this done by next weekend, if I am diligent. I know why I started working on it again, I didn't want to start anything new yet.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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