Friday, February 29, 2008

Dew on the Moab Desert

Wohoo!! Dew on the Moab Desert is all spun!! I do still have to ply the final one and a half bobbins, but it's nice to know all the spinning is done. I should have close to a thousand yards when it is all plied. Don't know if it will be enough for a pi shawl, but I think I will try it. If it's not enough, I do have some fiber that will blend with the Moab Desert dyed by the same dye artist, I think, if I really want to spin that.

ES came home this afternoon. When he was here two weeks ago, he didn't get everything done that needed to be done by the deadline. This means we can have a regular "date" night again. He has to leave on Sunday morning, so not a long time here.

Tomorrow is the last sock class that I am signed up for. This sock is designed by Debbie Bass who is a local knitter and designer. This is a lace pattern based on a Barbara Walker stitch design. It should be interesting to knit up. We will see if I can knit these in the same amount of time that I knit the button up socks. (I still haven't found buttons for them either.)

Tomorrow, I will try to have pictures of the start of the new socks and the end of the Greenjeans sleeve.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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