Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fiber Weekend

Warning! This is a picture heavy post.

Yesterday was gray and dreary, heading down to the Spinner's group. You can't even see the mountains for all the clouds and that is unusual. It was fun to see how much snow, or lack thereof, there was in the fifty mile drive.

We had people there that haven't been in quite some time. It was great to talk with Betty again and see all the projects she has been doing. Betty is the lady in the blue vest she knit from the Folk Vest book. June is looking at the shawl Betty knit and asking questions.

Heather, in the grey sweatshirt, is the proud new mamma of twin lambs. Here she is showing the pictures to Sharon. Heather has one brown and one black lamb. The pictures are so cute. The first thought for Heather was that they were both black, but then she noticed one was lighter that the other and they were different shades.

Here is Lyn showing off her pi shawl. She says it took her almost a year to complete it. She dyed, spun and knit the silk used in this shawl and she did a wonderful job.

Here she is modeling for us. Don't you think she looks great in this shawl? Congratulations, Lyn!

We received our challenge fibers or rather fiber. We were each given about 2 ozs of a silk brick. The challenge, for about half of us who have not used silk before, is to dye (if you want) the silk, spin the silk and then make a scarf of some kind. We have until May to complete this challenge. It should be fun!

After spinners, C modeled his new hat. Ok, it's not really a hat, see it has the hole at the top where the vase is sticking through. It's the latest in the finished baby sweaters. This one is the first one knit for a new expected grandchild. The soon to be parents liked it.
Happy knitting & spinning.

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