Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Knitting & R's Birthday

Okay, so the sock class went really well. This pattern will be a challenge for me though. The pattern is: Button-up Socks Just for the fun of it! by Joan Goldstein. You knit the top ridges and then pick up stitches along the flat edge for the cuff of the sock. The sock is then knit flat until after the length you want the cuff to be. I have the right cuff knit to about two inches and have the ridges started for the left sock. I think I may enjoy knitting these, but we will see. I hope to have them done this month. I need the needles for the class in March.

On the baby sweater front, this is the picture from before the Super Bowl. The hood, yoke, one complete sleeve and the second sleeve about two inches done is how far I was. By the time the Super Bowl was over I have much more completed.

Here's the sweater now. The hood is at the top. See, both sleeves complete and about four and a half inches of the body are done. Only two more inches here and then I can do the pattern at the bottom and the picot edging. It could be done before the end of the week.

On the "kid" front, today was R's 18th birthday. It is hard to believe that child is that old now. It seems like just yesterday he was a snotty-nosed kid. Now he is a young adult with some of the teenage attitudes disappearing. I really like that fact! Sometimes I get really tired of the attitudes. Thank goodness there is only one more living at home right now. R has turned out ok so far, although I will probably always worry about him. That's my "mother's" right. Do I ever grow out of it? I know I may want to, but do I get to?

Happy knitting & spinning.

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